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with howard bernstein. this morning's forecast, motorists will find some slick roads. >> some rain could be heavy at times and tonight a threat of strong thunderstorms. so a big change from our 67th 90-degree day. a record number we had there on saturday. we zoomed in over to bowie. you can see the orange. it is really coming down there 301 and 50 heading to laurel and across 295 by 32. davidsonville, upper marlboro, shady side and deal, that's about the heaviest we have. rain most areas and maybe drizzle if not rain. weather computer is showing the action from the south and there's a lot of moisture off the gulf of mexico. so we will have numerous showers and storms today. temperatures in the 60s here. 80s in norfolk. look at wisconsin. see the light blue color. >> yes. >> 30s. >> that's where fall is. we may get that cooler air as we head to the weekend. until then temperatures will struggle to get to the mid to upper 70s with showers and a couple of storms. southeast winds 10 to 15. patranya bhoolsuwan, that has to cause problems with wet roads. >> it is still early so not too many ca
. angie -- i'm andrea roane. angie has traffic and we begin with howard bernstein. she has problems this morning but we can't blame it on the weather. >> let's talk about the weather. a few issues later on today and tonight but they are welcome issued because it has been so dry. and we start by showing you the rain across michigan and washington pushing through indiana and ohio. another cluster out of missouri there. for us a few clouds blowing off the storms this morning. otherwise in the 60s. look at the 70sin the ohio valley ahead of the cold front. a little touch of autumn across the northeast. in the 40s with 30s toward lake la sid. 58 reston. arlington is 64. so is brandywine and so is springfield while we sit at 69 at reagan national. 72 or so around 9:00. 80 at noon. breezy this actual. could be a late shower north and west. highs 84 to 89 down south. 31. let's find out about angie's problems. >> tieups to avoid early on. begin with an accident at marlboro bike between brooks drive and silver hill we are hears because of this accident it will be like this until 5:00 a.m., ma
one of the earliest leavers and howard bernstein has the forecast. >> it's a nice one. comfortable today and tomorrow. the middle of the week, it will be turning into fall. wednesday night it won't feel like it until maybe in the weekend, next weekend. let's talk about what is happening here. a few clouds rolling through. in hd you can see the clouds on the right side of the screen. that is the western shield of igor which hit bermuda hard last night and this morning. a few showers and storms to the west of chicago but it's a quiet morning. 61 luray. i see annapolis at 73. easton is down to 59 degrees. we are at 70 at reagan national. partly cloudy skies. low 70s at 9:00. upper 70s at noon. we top off at 3:00 around 80, 81 in spots. north wind 10 to 15. breezy at times. 4:31. how about traffic. is that good. >> overall yes. but when it comes to construction we have closures to tell you about. we begin with south capital. it's closed at the douglas bridge until probably 5:00 a.m. all lanes are open out of fredricksburg up to the mixing bowl. going back to the chain bridge area, we w
. howard bernstein is in the weather center with the first forecast. >> reporter: we had some rain around, but this is, i think nothing compared to what is coming as we head in to thursday time frame. we will show you live doppler 9000 hd because we are saying good-bye to the shower from this morning. it produced tornado warnings on the eastern shore. no confirmation of anything i'm aware of but we are watching the rain across the delmarva. go to the weather computer and show you what is happening with the showers and storms. tropical air is in place and now the storms are pulling away you can see we even have clearing out there. we are calling for partly sunny conditions. temperatures are responding also. they are in the upper 70s. we will see 80s this afternoon but the concern, though, goes to the tropics. look at what is happening down here. this is nicole. it is actually around here with the big thunderstorms to the east of the center. well, it will be nicole. it is really tropical depression number 16. the concern is that moisture will follow in a similar path to this storm. this sto
matthew. >>> howard bernstein is here to tell us about the rains we will be dealing with tomorrow. any result of any tropical weather out there? >> we can argue some of matthew's moisture is coming in to that. tropical depression 16 which will likely be nicole during the day today. the moisture is heading our way. we have a tropical connection and with the system passing us, coastal areas will be dealing with flooding. tomorrow afternoon, old town alexandria, normal spots that go when the water is high you will have some water in the streets there, as well. let's get you going this morning. the bus stop forecast, partly to mostly cloudy. and on the cool side. got areas in the low 50s to low 60s. sun is coming up at 7:02 and then today, clouds will thicken. by noon, cloudy and 70. for the drive home a couple of showers an. should be light ones, though. upper 60s to near 70. 61 degrees and partly cloudy. to be the rain will develop, steady rains will develop and heavy after midnight. east winds 10 to 15 will pick up out of the southeast tomorrow. 10 to 20. depending on the
have been blamed on flooding from the storm. tom sater is in for howard bernstein this morning and good morning to you. are you one of the storm chasers? >> i like to see the video but i like to see them from a couch. and not follow them. he was pretty close. quite a story he had. >> your colleagues go out and do that. >> they can shoot the video all they way. i will sit back and enjoy it. the next couple of days nothing but sunshine. a little breezy still today, just like last night. the winds that were kicking up gusting to 20 we may see that this afternoon and still tomorrow but they are northwesterly winds and that brings in nothing but delightful, refreshing air. look at one thing that is not good and that is the lack of rainfall. we are in need, in a big way. so hermine, which surprised the residents of texas with as much rain, over a foot in many areas. it will be moving through the midwest and slowly -- slowly sliding our way. a chance of rain in to sunday, close to game time with the cowboys. more on that in a minute. here we go. 211/3 inches of rain. so a deficit of six inches
.com/been person and post it there for me -- bernstein and post it there for me. switch it over to our tighten computer. , we will show you the rain we have been watching. the lightning and thunder down there. a little in the northern neck but right now not as much lightning. just moving northward to southern maryland. may see lightning and thunder with that. back to the weather computer one more time and show you the potential for rainfall. off to the south and east, at least through midnight we are talking about some areas in eastern virginia down through the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore eight inches plus. >> wow! >> we are already five or six. so a foot down there would not be out of the question. flood warnings will be coming up and whatever precautions you have to take to get things high, maybe the basement if that is going to flood, make sure the sump pump is plugged in. temperatures low 70s southeast. upper 50s in martinsburg and cumberland and top off in the 75 to 80-degree range and winds gusting over 20 at pax river. expect that to pick up, as well.
is joining us in for howard bernstein. welcome, tom. >> good to be here. >> good to have you here. >> hopefully you have a good forecast. >> nothing but good news. >> good. we like. that nice to see the 90s go to the wayside. yesterday we hit 98 degrees. >> what? >> just before the cold front moved in, 96. dulles tied a record at 93. we are getting close to the greatest number of 90 or higher for the summer. but it's not in the seven-day forecast. good news there. 67 degrees. 55 in gaithersburg. 61 manassas. the numbers are fantastic and i think they will drop a degree or two before we start a slight warmup. with the winds picking up today, a little breezy. s that the only blame niche the forecast, winds 15 to 20 miles an hour at times and quite nice. the temperatures will be looking better than they have been the last several days. tonight, about 57 for a night time low with clear, school, crisp conditions and tomorrow nothing but sunshine still breezy. northwest winds 10 to 15 miles an hour and satellite-radar shows nothing but clear skies. this will be with us the next several
howard bernstein begins the daily focus on maryland's weather and traffic. >> a lot more of earl at 6:15, but maryland another day of sunshine and heat. let's get you started. not too bad right now. temperatures in the 80s and 70s out. there a little on the muggy side as we approach the 9:00 hour. we will approach the 80-degree mark. annapolis 79. pax river 78. sunshine for noon and temperatures in the upper 80s. 90 in hagerstown. 87 easton and this afternoon back over the 90-degree mark. low to mid-90s for highs and better by the weekend. >> maryland, we have problems out. there begin with 270 northbound approaching route 800. an accident is taking away all lanes going northbound and it is affecting the southbound traffic, as well. it is jammed and a lot of rubbernecking going on. trying to pass urbana area you will see a lot of congestion. move over to damascus. another trouble spot at ridge road going northbound. all lanes are closed at bethesda church road because of another crash. and going westbound on wayne avenue, continental access lanes between georgia and colesville. eastbo
there. we are glad to report it. howard bernstein is here and he says be prepared. >> today will be the calm before the storm. yesterday the appetizer. tomorrow the main course and then some as we will have torrential rains moving in thanks to the tropics. td 16 likely to be nicole later today. and a combination of nicole transitioning to a nontropical storm will bring a lot of rain and even some wind. let's get talking about it. heavy rain on the way with some flooding likely tomorrow. especially in low-lying areas. critical time 2:00 tonight until 2:00 in the afternoon. severe weather is possible from dc and points east. this looks like we will be in the eastern side of the system. check the sump pump and gutters. check sure the sump pump is plugged in and if you have a half tank or less of gas, fill it up. you may have trouble getting to the gas station tomorrow. 80 by noon. 69 for the drive home and perhaps a late shower. 7 to 73. tonight the rain develops. rather heavy after midnight when a flash flood watch goes in to affect. lows in the 60s rain is heavy at times espe
. >>> welcome back. howard bernstein with you. want to update you on that tornado warning for howard county. a warning has been issued for howard county until 12:45 this afternoon. i'm looking at this area east of glen ells, north of 108, this is moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. but it has got a pronounced notch to it. it does have signs of circulation. i have not had any confirmed reports of a tornado, but i really want to get in and show you where this storm is right now. we are going to zoom in and try to throw some extra towns on for you so you get an idea where this. here's timberlily. we'll keep going to fox town farms. this storm is moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. timberly, locust ridge, cameron track, watch out. just to the west of far side here. fox den farms, you're on the west side of this, but there could also be some hail that we're looking at with this storm as it moves off to the north at 20, 25 miles per hour. very heavy rainfall with this. not really picking up much in the way of lightning. but as we look at the velocities from the next rad, we do have a
in the northeast. >>> howard bernstein is here. what is the price we will pay for traveling around today. >> we have a problem with heavy showers out there. all the thunder seem to be off shower but some torrential downpours like yesterday and this morning we are looking at them. start with live doppler 9000 hd. it happened toward culpeper, rappahanock and culpeper an you can see the heavy rains through bealeton approaching warrenton and it is moving to 86. on the we computer, we will talk about the fact we have a lot of showers and thunderstorms out there. but they are not everywhere. so over the next several hours it will be the worst of it. past 8:00 the flood watch will have expired. it covers the metro reonuntil 8 a.m. we start at 72. upper 60s out there. a warm day today. i'm expecting high temperatures to make it to the upper 70 if not low to mid-80s with sunshine. more rain by thursday. >> talking about wanting all the rain and finally we got it. can't complain. we need it. hope you are off to a great tuesday. right now, pretty much math sailing out there. i like it. 95 an the bw parkwa
no major problems right now but just get ready. howard bernstein is here. no problems at all with today's forecast, especially after a glorious weekend. >> no, just a little on the warm side and may want to leave for work in the next two to three minutes to beat the rush. >> don't scare them too much. >> okay, four or five minutes. talk about what is happening outside. great weather. we got up to 87 but so dry it didn't feel that warm. this morning some showers spilled in to last night. but nothing near us. we need some rain. nothing is coming here today. there's a front coming tomorrow but rain chances with that are fairly slim. temperatures have fallen to the 50s in a few spots in the mountains but a warmer looking map than it was 24 hours ago. locally 63 sterling and reston. fairfax is 71. columbia and laurel 62. crofton and andrews air force base 83 and springfield and brandywine are 88 along with arlington. manassas 64 and dc 69. 70 reagan national. going to 84 by noon and 88 at 5:00. topping off at 90 with south winds ten miles an hour. front tomorrow, we have a cool down and a ch
in the neighborhood. say good morning to howard bernstein. >> welcome back. we survived without you yesterday. >> i knew you would. >> today is going to be a good day but breezy at times. let's talk about the temperatures as you get ready to step out the door. a few areas in the upper 50s. so a little cool in spots. low 60s. 68 here in town. an win chester right now our warm spot at 69 we could have some gusts over 20 miles an hour briefly. so be aware of that. 2984 is closed between florence and old annapolis. it will be like this until 9:00 a.m. going both directions not going to access that route. 270 northbound, watch for roadwork at falls road. southbound all clear to the split. and finally the peltway in virginia, more construction to look out for the the inner loop near the braddock road exit and route 7 and the dulles toll road. back to andrea. >> thank you, angie. >>> the muslim leader behind a plan to build a islamic center at the world trade center site say he has a solution to the controversy but hasn't made public what he plans to do. randall pinkston has the latest from lower manhatta
in to the vehicle. if you have any information, call dc police. >>> howard bernstein is here. he has a lot of information and he will want to hear about the forecast. >> the make sure the gutters are clear and you have gas in the car. we have several inches of rain coming. there will be flooding tomorrow. it will be difficult to get to work on thursday morning. if you are a telecommuter take advantage of tomorrow. today a few clouds to the south. i saw the stars and moon driving in but we will see clouds thicken up this actual and a few showers possible before the day is out. 55 in winchester. luray 54. 63 downtown at reagan national and culpeper in the 50s. much cooler air mass at the moment but definite changes on the way. yesterday was 84 by comparison. we could see a shower later on, afternoon highs 70ish and drive home temperature 70. angie, the storm is coming tomorrow. >> i know nothing about that. let's just talk about this morning an how the roads are dry out there. don't have to deal with the wet pavement today but construction at the douglas bridge that will be there until 5:00
separate states. >>> howard bernstein has the forecast. all eyes on you today. >> earl is now on the radar. it is close enough to the coast there. passing hatteras and elizabeth city. some heavy rains from richmond norfolk there going to be affecting our area beaches shortly. south an east of town, northern neck, st. mary's county will get rain from this, as well. across the bay there's the front to the west. look at the radar. heavy bands in eastern north carolina approaching williamsburg and norfolk and a little close to us. a lot of clouds from earl but no rain in the metro except this evening when the front pushes through and then a slight chance of a shower. 82 at 9:00. 88 at noon. and a little sun late this amp. high of 90. we will be driving home with a temperature of 87. >>> first things first, happy friday. hope you are off to a great start. one tieup in virginia going southbound on 95 at backlick road. you are losing a couple of left lanes. northbound you are okay. on i-270 a little construction at 123. should be clearing in 30 and on eastbound 218, east of 301, watch for roadwor
with howard bernstein. no problem in the weather unless your lawns need watering. >> if you don't like the heat you're not going to like the next few days. we've done it 63 times this summer. the record is 67. >> let's hope we don't break it. >> we have chance for 64, 65 and 66 before the week is out. i'm talking about 90-degree days. temperatures this morning a lot warmer than yesterday when we had 40s on the boards in many areas. those places are in the 50s and 60s. 70 in cull pepper. 69 at national. a significanty warmer morning than what we had yesterday than will lead to a significanty warmer afternoon. yesterday, we hit 80. today, forecasting a high of 90 in washington. look at culpeper, fredericksburg. a little cooler on the bay, temperatures there holding in the mid to upper 80s. looking at today at a glance. low 80s at noon. 89 for the drive home and we may see in a couple of spots if you're lucky a much-needed rain-making thundershower. it's 4:31. angie take it away. >> dealing with some construction early on. south capitol street at the douglas bridge until about 5:00 you
's second season on the air. >>> i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. that september sun is still hot. it is 90 degrees right now but cooler days ahead. an the allergy update is in. good news as far as the mold spores an the tree pollen but the grass and weeds are moderate. so hey fever season is kicking up. 9 news now at noon will return. Î [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble. but what we can do is arm ourselves for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] with the most pharmacists certified to immunize... [ sneezes ] ...and walk-ins welcome everyday, we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ so stop by and get your flu shot today at walgreens. there's a way to stay well. >>> dr. oz is celebrating the second premier of his broadcast here on channel 9. the ground- breaking show can be seen monday through fridays here on channel 9 beginning at 3:00 p.m. in fact, dr. oz is standing by live with more on what we can expect. i'm so sorry you are not in the studio with me,
of water a day makes it this big. >>> that's a lot of pumpkin pie. howard bernstein with you on this gorgeous, stunning tuesday afternoon. temperatures by 3:00, upper 70s. still mid- to upper 70s at 6:00 and low 70s at 9:00. going out to the nats game tonight, going to be fantastic. we have code green air quality right now. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. not as clear as this morning. we had 40s from the low 60s, is sunny and hot start to wednesday. but we'll have a i think a few storms around in the afternoon and we can use the rain. the highs though, 88 to93. and 63 90-degree days. tomorrow should be number 64. here are the lows this morning, 44 frederick, 48 in eastton. national was 56 and we had lots of 40s across the region. now temperatures have warmed up nicely. lower to middle 70s. this troy area which cooled off quickly has warmed up nicely. petersburg at 77. 76 in fredericksburg. here in washington, we sit at 73 degrees. winds have been light but they've turned now. south southeast at 9. a little more south than southwesterly tomorrow. you really going to notice it
'm meteorologist howard bernstein. warming up outside on the weather terrace, but some cooler days are ahead. we will let you know when that happens. we go to break with a look at the allergy update. those numbers are come in like yesterday. ragweed in the moderate category. mold is low. i'm looking ahead to the weekend when 9 news now returns. there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that? >>> there are concerns about flooding in south texas after tropical storm hermine came ashore. the weather system threatens to bring more than a foot of rain to galveston. sandra hughs has more. the storm blew up from a tropical depression to near hurricane force in less than a day. residents along the texas coast had little time to prepare. >> came up from mexico
howard bernstein is joining us with a dry, foggy morning forecast. >> exactly. yesterday's rain leading to fog. in a few hours it will burn off and left dry and sunny much of the day. look at the visibilities. that's the weather problem this morning. may need a little extra time out to the west of town especially where visibles now, culpeper, orange, down a quarter mile. same with louisa and lake anna. and easton in on the eastern shore we have quarter mile visibility. watch for that. temperaturar
of weather, howard bernstein has a little good news for us. >> the storm has weakened somewhat overnight an we were always going to be a little too far away. this is a big storm. from force winds extending 200 miles from the center. it is not as massive but it is still a big storm an we are far enough away in the washington metro that the impact is minimal here. we have cloud cover from it. closer to home, southern maryland, northern neck a few light showers. we will look at that in a moment. i want to focus on earl for the moment. the big picture is less impressive than yesterday and even though the orange blob you think it is the center of circulation, most of it is blown off to the east as earl is encounters upper level winds that are taking it to the north and east and keeping it just far enough away for the coast for the worst of it. they are getting battered in cape hatteras, and little less in rehoboth and massachusetts will watch out for earl. it will come close but a hurricane warning for southeast mass, than tuck. tropical storm warnings from long island to the virginia, north
will. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein, we will let you know when it will cool off enough that you can enjoy being outside in the afternoon. and the latest on hurricane earl. the weather forecast is coming up when 9 news now returns. >>> welcome back to 9 news now. a beautiful morning shaping up but people have concerns about the next 48 hours with the weather. if you have a beach holiday planned for labor day, don't cancel. the storm is coming on the an tomorrow through midday and leaving quickly. saturday, sunday, lay pore day look really nice at the beach. >> good news. >> don't cancel or delay it. the hotel owners will appreciate it as well and you are going to have a good time. let's fete going. it is thursday. it's a school day. so the bus stop forecast to debt you out the door. let's debt the bus moving. there we go. pick up the kids, right? sunny, clear and mild. we start 60s and 70s. a little muggy and the sunrise is 6:38 this morning. the day at a glance. well w we will be 80 degrees. low 90s at noon. for the drive home 95 with a south wind. tonight with ar
at 5:00 a.m. govern will have traffic in a moment. howard bernstein is here with a quick look at the forecast. >>> you know it's a good looking friday out there. the showers that we had, we needed them and ey
. hopefully the construction problems will clear out soon. howard bernstein has a look at the forecast and it's one you will like. >> back to school in montgomery county. the day off yesterday for the primaries. everybody else outdoor recess because cool start to the day. temperatures really the only story right now because it is quiet out there with some readings in the 50s and 49 in york and one or two spots in the upper 40s. culpeper
will bring you that as soon as it is available. >>> right now let's go over to howard bernstein. he has a weather update. >> some serious problems overnight in to thursday. flood watch posted from midnight until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. looking at very heavy flooding rains moving in with this tropical connection. show you what is happening as we have the moisture streaming in from the atlantic across the carolinas already. we are looking at potential later on for showers, especially south and east of washington. so any sunshine will be this morning. show you the 9 future cast and this is rain po tenable, andrea. as we put it in motion and look at thou the moisture surges. the blue is one to two inches in the west. in virginia four plus. see the bull's eye, that is four to five inches between now and friday morning. much of that between now and let's say tomorrow afternoon. we will get hit hard in to tonight and during the day on thursday. especially during the morning. temperatures cooler, upper 60s to low 70s. frederick, 75 there. only 71 here in washington. the day at a glance, mostly clou
with more 9 news now in just a moment. >>> welcome back on this warm thursday afternoon. howard bernstein with you. mostly cloudy skies out there. that will be the case for the rest of the day. 85. by 6:00 and 9:00 we will have a few showers an, especially north and northwest of dc. 82 and 78. these are washington temperatures. it's cooler north and west because the rain showers have moved in to western maryland. we will look at this doppler in a moment. tonight scattered showers and a thunderstorm. the better chance is dc north. cool spots in the upper 50s and most of us in the low to mid- 60s an the winds tomorrow turn northwest behind the front. that will bring in partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions an less humid again. very pleasant. lower to mid-80s. most of us in the low 80s. it will be a fine finish to the workweek. looking at the satellite and radar. we have been watching the clouds over us. sunshine on the eastern shore, the northern neck. we clouded up here in dc. look at the rain from pennsylvania in to western maryland and west virginia. live doppler 9000 hd zoom in to we
was rushed to the hospital. >>> more rain on the way and that could mean flooding. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking the storm and is joining us with the forecast first. >> we have a lot of tropical moisture. this is ahead of schedule. it might be later on this afternoon or this evening. rain on the doorstep. drops on the terrace and to the south of town it is really starting to come down and this moisture goes all the way to the western caribbean. so we are juiced and ready for a lot of rain. go to live doppler 9000 hd. i want to show you where things are right now. you can see north of town things are quiet. a few sprinkles here, but it is in southern maryland, the northern neck and the eastern shore that you see the yellow and orange from cambridge down through st. mary's county here and again in to southern calvert as well over to the northern neck. this is really starting to come down. but this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. a lot of rain is expected. back on the weather computer and show you what is happening. a flood watch midnight to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. we
we have kris sneed in the traffic center with the conditions on the roads early. but first howard bernstein is here to say we are in for a spectacular day. >> i don't know which is better, traffic or weather because the construction is done. weather wise what a weekend we had. temperatures in the low 80s on saturday an sunday. humidity is down and that's how we start this morning for you. checking the temperatures. 63 here. coolest i could find is 41 in bradford. locally we are in the 50s. down to 50 in martinsburg. probably a couple of 40s out there in the mountain areas in west virginia, shenandoah valley. and warm spot, thanks to the warmer waters of the chesapeake. annapolis 68. tappahannock, 55. bill in newland 57. upper 60s by 9:00. upper 70s to near 80 at noon and we will say the 5:00 hour today. south winds five to ten. a picture perfect forecast for your holiday. how about the traffic? anything going on? >> one incident to talk about in the district. it's an accident investigation in northwest dc and new hampshire and missouri avenue. it will be closed for a while this mo
with the disease in an emotional new memoir. >>> here's howard bernstein. >>> unlake yesterday we have clear sailing. no problem anywhere but a front is coming through. we will let you know what it means if the tuesday forecast when 9 news now returns. >>> last night associate justice steven briar spoke at the national archives. while talking about his new back called "making a democracy work, a judge's view "he said the court should not be seen as a political entity. >> i think that more and more people think what the court does is political and that this is nine junior varsity politician and everything tells them that. >> reporter: so at the national archives a new exhibit called the charters of freedom is on display. it features documents which sparked the first pushes for revolution in the american colonies to papers from the turning point in the fight to get voting rights for minorities and women. >>> howard bernstein is here. we are looking for rain in the forecast. in the meantime, temperatures are nice and it will be a nice day. >> for the kids who are off in montgomery county, a goo
is off today. howard bernstein is outside enjoying the elements right now and it's a pretty cool start to the day. >> yeah, it is. we're in the 50s in northwest. 63 at national. but many areas in the shenandoah valley, western maryland, west virginia down in the 40s. let's go to the maps and talk about those temperatures. they are cool because we have the clear skies. all the showers you see north through chicago and cleveland they are not coming our way and i know it is bone dry and we need rain. but chances are slim through the week. 48 winchester. we sit at 63. reedville on the chesapeake in the northern neck at 73. the warm spot. a lot of sunshine today. at the nats game, think of the sun screen. 68 at 9:00. 70 at noon. 802 -- 82 at 5:00 p.m. very few traffic incidents. here's kris sneed with more. >> thank you, howard. everything is looking good as we look at the outer loop in maryland. volume light on the inner and outer loop. no problems between 95 an 270. going to 66 eastbound that is clear from 50 to the beltway. we have no issues there. speaking of the beltway, let's take a l
. >>> welcome back to 9 news now. howard bernstein was giving me that update and he has updates on what we are experiencing now. >> this is rapidly changing situation with the warnings and watches coming out. trying to travel today will be difficult. you are really taking a chance if you go out in the next six hours. southeastern virginia, eastern north carolina wait, please wait. do yourself a favor. start with live doppler 9000 hd because it is lit up big time. a lot of green, yellow. the orange and red, we are talking torrential rain, one to two inches an hour. maybe more than that in the heavy heavy downpours. start by zooming in to the metro. we have had heavy rain move in the last 20 to 30 minutes. causing some folks -- the satellites are fading. we are hearing about that. bethesda, the rain is moving up wisconsin avenue. other areas to the south, south of lorton now we have heavy rain. also coming in from virginia. moving northward in to fairfax countiful travel will be tough just about anywhere. light to moderate rains in prince georges county. expand out and show you the heavy rai
member of our team in the morning, howard bernstein with the forecast. >> no problems this morning. no problems tomorrow. chilly tomorrow morning. then midweek the change. it will be warm. we have 90-degree heat returning for wednesday. that will be around through friday probably. another mini late summer heat wave on the way. this morning your moms like me bus stop forecast, a good start to the week. i hope you have a great week ahead. computer problems. got to love that. clear to partly cloudy. we have upper 50s in the coolest locations. most areas in the 60s this morning. sunrise at 6:51. we are 70 now. 72 or so by 9:00. upper 70s noon to 5:00 good deal of sunshine. high temps top off at 80 with a north wind 10 to 15. it will be breezy at time. 50s to 40s tonight in the cold spots. tomorrow sun and really pleasant day with lighter winds, temperatures in the low 80s. it will be one of the top ten days of the year on tuesday. we need rain, however. i showed you this last week. it got worse. more areas that are normally dry in yellow. as we get to the lighter brown, that is moderat
of washington where the rain fell so fast the storm drain couldn't keep up. howard bernstein is saying he is not worried about today as much as thursday. >> that's rye. we will have heavy downpours the next couple of hours. some rainfall rates in an excess of an inch an hour moving quickly. the overall coverage doesn't have me greatly concerned. but another system is coming tomorrow in to thursday especially that could bring plenty more rain where that is from. sort of a tropical connection, even though it is not a tropical storm per say there's tropical moisture embedded in the flow right now. we have a flash flood watch until 8:00 for counties in green surrounding the metro. go south toward fredericksburg and faulkier county to culpeper you are not in it but southern maryland is. the heavy rain threat hover the next couple of hours will be on the metro and shift north and east of dc through the later morning hours and better shape this afternoon. big picture right now. i want to show you what is happening with the storm system to the west bringing in the moisture. we are clearing back t
act. howard bernstein is living his dream and that is bringing us maryland's weather right now. >>> i sure a.m. it's a great one. let's talk about the weather today. we had some rain last night. it is gone and you're looking sweet on this friday morning. we see temperatures starting off in the 60s and 70s. 65 in cumberland. noontime, beautiful and sunny, 72 in hagerstown, annapolis 76. and highs in the low 80s and maybe upper 70s in the mountains and along the bay. >>> we're tracking your tie-ups early. this is live from skies 9 -- from sky 9, this accident is clear. on the outter loop we're looking at a jamup starting at university to virginia to georgia. let's take you to where a traffic light is out on connecticut and randolph road. the police are in place directing traffic. and 270, watching the traffic build on father hurley to german town road. we'll be right back after these messages. stay with us. >>> good morning. how many of you will spend today at work thinking about quitting and taking up your dream job? or maybe you need to make a move because of the job market. this morn
for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. good morning. first day of autumn is feeling like a comfortable morning. one shower in hagerstown. and isolated showers in west virginia. if they survive the trip to the i-81 consider door in 45 minutes. hagerstown this is on your doorstep with lightning and thunder. little fog in saint indigo and also in cumberland is down to a half mile. otherwise smooth sailing out there with 80s, low 60s north and west to low 70s in town. southern maryland by the bay a hot day expected. 95 in the hottest spots. 5:00 p.m. 90 and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. it is 8:30. how are the roads? >> we have been tracking them all morning long. keeping an eye on a couple of spots out there. we will focus in on silver spring, maryland where we have a truck fire on east randolph road and octagon lane. avoid the area or if you have to go this way use caution. on the outer loop we are slow from new hampshire over to georgia avenue. right now not so bad. probably an extra five minutes or
. she will have the traffic in just a moment. howard bernstein is starting off with record breaking heat maybe. >> some record breaking heat this afternoon an some fog this morning and that's a sign of how sticky and muggy it is. feels like the middle of july opposed to late september. october starts next friday, no, next saturday. yellow indicates where the visibilities have dropped. quarter mile in baltimore an gaithersburg. zero in andrews. mile and three quarters from manassas to culpeper, and even in frederick. so we have some issues this morning. as the temperatures are in the 80s and low 70s. look at the forecast highs for today. upper 80s at the naval academy. that sounds good. those will be records. 5:30. here's angie. >>> happy friday to you. new traffic alert to tell you about and it comes to us from southeast dc. minnesota and m place. watch for police activity. avoid the area. take you to 66 eastbound. the trip is looking nice out of centreville to inside in the beltway. as we continue to 395 northbound, no problems to report here. everyone is zipping by past duke street and
for starting your friday with us. i'm andrea roane. >>> howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with a sticky, hot forecast for today. >> the muggies are back. steamy this morning. dew points 70. a lot of low-level moisture and while it is partly cloudy here, we have problems with fog. all the areas in yellow the visibility to the west. it is improving in manassas. culpeper a quarter mile. a quarter mile at andrews, college park, air park montgomery county zero visibility. across the bay a quarter mile in cambridge. no pre-k due to the fog in queen anne county. cooler over the week. >>> rise and shine, everybody. looks like we made it half way through the 6:00 hour. looking good across the map. take it outside and show you 270. slow 109 to montross road. on the outer loop, show you the live conditions here a new hampshire avenue. we moving nicely. in virginia route 7 eastbound. you are traveling just fine. i want you to know that flying the dulles toll road, 267 is nice, clean and green making your way from the greenway to tysons corner. back to you. >>> coming up on 6:30, break
and that's good news. i'm here with howard bernstein. yesterday we were talking about allison several years ago in the houston galveston area. >> 20 inches of rain. >> that dropped all of this rain and had it gone to a hurricane. >> it never made hurricane strength. this would have been a hurricane if the land mass didn't get in the way. if mexico and texas weren't there this would have made it. >> thank you for wearing pink. tomorrow is buddy check nine day an he won't be here tomorrow but he is getting us ready. >> you have to be ready. >>> this thing will give us great weather. it is providing a couple of sorely needed showers, but too few and far between. you see the line extending from new england in to pennsylvania and just in to virginia now out of west virginia. i want to zoom in a little more for you going back the last three hours and you can see the action as it is coming out of west virginia. the bark is worst than the bite. live doppler 9000 hd we will show you what is going on to the shenandoah valley quiet here in town and this will probably take another couple of hours to ge
heatwave. howard bernstein has our forecast and the latest on hurricane earl when 9news now returns welcome back wednesday morning. howard bernstein with you and a little haze out there this wednesday morning. a good-locking start to another hot day. all eyes the atlantic as we're watching hurricane earl. it will impact your region but off to the beaches you can see earl now. winds are at 125 miles per hour. looking pretty good in that last frame. look at how it's coming back. this is going to fluctuate some. here's our 9 future cast. you can see how the eye of earl will stay offshore but the eyewall potentially could rake the outer banks in cape hatteras and by friday morning some could be in southern maryland. clearly the beaches have the most concern. temperature is 76 and it's a little muggy out here. we've got 60s out there. fulton, 64 in justification and 74 in fredericksburg. it's going to get hot quickly. 79 by 9:00. 92 at noon and 95 at 5:00 with a high in the mid-90s. here's angie goff. she'll have your wednesday traffic. >> thank you, howard. good morning, friends thanks for joi
's been off forever. kris sneed is standing by with the traffic in a moment but first howard bernstein has the weather in a word -- >> greatment. >> that's all you need to know. >> it will be cool this morning an wonderful this afternoon. warm andrei. humidity levels are in check an whatever your plans are and i know there is a lot going on today it will be fine weather wise. had a front come through last week an the weekend was sweet. wife set a record for herself on the 5 k on saturday morning and now we are looking at clear skies with temperatures in the 80s in western maryland even martinsburg. they are in the 40s. 63 in town. easton a very cool 55. 79 approaching noon. and 5:00 p.m. temperature 82. code green air quality. don't forget the sun screen. can still get a burn this time of the year. kris sneed, much to tell us? >> not at all. it is clear, clear, clear. a reminder, all hov restrictions have been lifted on 270, 66, 395, 95 in virginia an except route a 0 where they are still in affect and always in affect. start off 270 southbound looks good father hurley to the split. moving
morning to howard bernstein. he has our back to school forecast. everyone is back now. >> i think i will give today an a. >> good. first grade of the year. >> hair too warm to get the a plus but a great effort out of the the gate here. we need some rain and may get it over the weekend. and a slim chance of a shower tomorrow but i'm not going to wager on that. get you going with the bus stop forecast. this tuesday morning it is nice out there, clear and mild in the 60s and 70s. sun is coming up in a little while. it is getting later and later. look at that 40 almost if my eyes are going on me. 42 on the sunrise. 73 by 9:00. 84 at lunchtime and 88 for 5:00 p.m. and we have a lot of sunshine today. highs will be around 90 degrees. south winds at ten. that's humid breeze for us. clear to partly cloudy tonight, lows in the mid-60s. low 70s in town. by the bay, southern maryland, 7:29 on the sunset and wednesday, sunny and hot, breezy at times. slim chance of a shower midday with a front. highs of 90. we could have gusts to 20 miles an hour. we have 60s and 70s in southern
to get rid of them but our howard bernstein talked to an expert about how to keep them out. >> university of maryland entomologist mike ralph has opinion playing with bugs over three decade an the stink bug is one of the moos impressive he's ever seen. >> they feed on virtually everything. they are this boy bean, corn fields, vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, trees and shrubs in the landscape and can eat virtually anything. here in america, it is a great land. they left their enemies behind and they can reproduced unchecked. >> that makes them a growing menace. >> there's a storm brewing right now, howard. these guys are peeking in my window and thinking of winter coming. i think when we get the first cold snap and first frost they are coming from the outside to the inside and it's going to be biblical. we will see more of these things than ever before. >> reporter: would you define biblical please. >> like the seventh plague, howard. i think there will be bugs every where, like people haven't seen. i don't mean to scare people, but people need to get ready now. they need to repair that
:47. howard bernstein is here with the forecast. we could be in for a record. but not necessarily temperatures themselves. >> it's the number of times we've done the 90-degree thing and that's where we start. looking over the numbers going back to the spring. we actually had 90 for the first time in april of last year. breaking down the numbers month by month. april and may it's not supposed to be so many. we got hit hard. june and july 39 days, 90 or better. august and september another 19. that brings the total to 63. yes, we're going to add to that i believe over the next few days. the record 67 -- that should be 80 -- 1980. we'll fix that. your bus stop forecast. mostly in the 50s over in the bay culpeper, winchester still 70 plus at this hour. sun is coming up at 6:55. getting hot. especially by noon. 81 by noon. upper 80s for the drive home and we could see the thunderstorm and we'll take at rain as the deficit almost seven inches in washington, worst out west in west virginia. part of the shenandoah valley not good. 62 to 72 tonight with a stray shower. another mild nigh
roane. here with howard bernstein. let's get to it. >> we have the flooding rains and have to worry about severe weather in the form of tornadic thunderstorms and this morning we have a tornado warning for doppler indicated possibilities of tornadoes and rotating showers and thundershowers. i want to show you where the warning is. it is in southern maryland across anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's counties until 4:30 this morning. hollywood, chesapeake beach, shady side, prince frederick. watch out. you can see the line of storms from west of annapolis. actually around bowie south to right along route 4 to saint leonard. anywhere on this line. we have several areas that steam to be showing signs of a rotation right now. you can see one west of north beach to benedict and saint leonard also. the possibility in this sort of a situation as these storms move north at 25 miles an hour that you can get a little rotation to develop. upper-level winds are pretty strong, and we have heavy, heavy showers. so that can transport the wind gusts to the surface or get a little spin right hoar.
it to reach north carolina tonight or early friday and then roll up the east coast and howard bernstein, people are worried about the storm, worried about labor day weekend. >> labor day weekend will be fine but hurricane earl will have an impact. the western eye wall could graze cape hatteras. tropical storm warnings for our delmarva beaches. wins to 5880 are presidential. you may not notice hurricane earl except for the high clouds. we have some showers and storms near indianapolis this morning and once again we sit in between with high pressure so it will be another hot sunny day. 77 at this hour in washington. 886 cult pepper. cumberland, 63 and in the upper 70s in western maryland. one thing you probably noticed a little more humid than it has opinion. south wins faye to ten. clear and muggy and 77 right now. itthe discovery hostage situation wreaked havoc with drivers and commuters. it is carrying over this morning and that's where we begin. police activity at colesville and wayne. and wayne is closed between colesville and georgia. moving to 95, some construction at 218. northbou
'm in the weather center with howard bernstein. could feel the touch of fall in the air. i was in new york. the race for the cure, cold, rain held off until the end but it was cool, but it felt cold. you know the damp cold. >> we will take it after this summer. all of it. we will take a little cool down. a nice stretch of weather but we desperately need the rain, especially friends to the west. eastern west virginia panhandle has drought conditions right now and that goes along the potomac out to harpers ferry and romney and those areas. really suffering with the need for rain and doesn't look like we will see much if any today and maybe thursday in to friday a little bit but we need more than that and nothing soon enough. let get you going for tuesday. going to be a pleasant day. anyone going to be outside today, grab a little sun screen. you can still get a sun burn this time of the year and vote in the primary and elections. 77 at noon. a little breezy this afternoon. 5:00 temperature 81 here in washington. some spots to our south that will make it to the middle 80s today. the bus
it within three or four days. that's good news and we have howard bernstein. hopefully you are delivering good news today. >> going to get rain showers, mainly overnight. >> that's good. >> that is good. not so good that it won't be a big soaking rain but we will take a quarter to third of an inch we will see. this morning, clouds streaming in from the west. you see the clouds in ohio, michigan and.s west of there. generally in the afternoon and even after dark or so. 50s and 60s. not as cool as yesterday morning. 63 right now. 61 manassas. 59 cumberland and here in town we are 69. that is 70 in annapolis right now. with today's highs making it well to the 80s could touch 90 if fredericksburg and tappahannock. the day at a glance, look for more clouds as the day progresses. even a shower threat this afternoon especially knot and west. temperatures by noon 80. highs in the mid to upper 80s. good morning. >> happy thursday, everybody. right now we are waking up to problems out there early on don't know what is going on with this, folks. all week has been like this. still losing all lanes. l
million customers in the district, prince georges and montgomery county. >>> howard bernstein again enyouing another day off. devon lucie is in. good to see you again. >> i'm surprised. my first thought is andrea going to be in knowing, a huge saints that she is. >> i did not watch because i knew i had to get to sleep. >> i saw the kickoff and that was it. i will have to check out "usa today," our sister company and see what happened there. i'm curious. >> they won, that's all. >> no point in me looking it up now. >> few 50s and 60sin the warmest spots. a lot of 50s in montgomery county, fairfax county, 56 sterling. temperatures just outside of dc are cool again. there's the transition time of the year. temperatures dipping down. fall-like temperatures. of course we are officially a couple of weeks away from starting that season. >> it is nice this morning? rolled down the windows and rolled in to the station under 60 degrees the hair blowing in the wind. can you tell it is friday? we are all in a fabulous mood. hope you are too. a little boo-boo to tell you about. a wreck at silver
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